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20+ World’s Best Athletes and Powerlifting Coaches Show You How to Gain More Strength, Grow More Muscle and Put More Pounds On Your Total!

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I’ve hand selected over 20 of the world’s strongest and smartest powerlifting athletes and asked each of them to open up their bag of tricks so you can learn whatever it takes to take your lifts to a higher level.

By attending this summit, you will learn proven methods and effective strategies to lift more weight, build more muscle and how to finally set big PR’s (even if you’re just starting out).

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World champion & record breaking powerlifting strategies that have been proven to work!

How to take your strength to the next level, it doesn't matter if you're an elite lifter or just starting out.

True real-life insights on how to prevent and overcome injuries so you won't experience any set backs.

The latest scientifically backed methods for auto-regulation and periodization so you can avoid "brick wall" plateaus.

Mindset skills so you can stay motivated for years on end, so you can be 100% sure that you'll reach your long term goals.

Practical and effective methods to fine tune your own training based on individual parameters and progression.

After attending this event you'll never have to "program hop" again because you know how to do everything yourself!

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I hand-picked 20+ speakers who are at the top of their game. They’re the top powerlifting athletes and coaches from around the world, and most importantly, they’re teaching from experience, not just from theory.

Despite their busy schedules, each of these speakers jumped on board for this event and promised to teach their best stuff — because they don’t want you to go through the same mistakes and setbacks they made... and they know that the right strategy or a little tweak, properly applied, can make all the difference.​

All I can say is, you’re in for a treat!​

DAY 1 

All About Powerlifting & Energy Systems with Tim Henriques

Veteran competitive powerlifter for 20 years, director of the National Personal Training Institute of Northern Virginia and author of All About Powerlifting, Tim Henriques shows you everything you need to know about energy systems and how they relate to powerlifting.


45-60 Minutes 

The Latest Science On Auto Regulation with Eric Helms

Eric Helms is a coach, athlete and educator. As a part of 3DMJ, he coaches drug free strength and physique competitors at all levels. Eric is an active researcher regularly publishing scientific papers in exercise and nutrition journals and he blogs as well. Get ready to get the skinny on RPE, RIR and more during this live masterclass.


45-60 Minutes 

The "Insider Secrets" of Staying Motivated with Erle Engmark

Erle Engmark is no stranger to adversity, for the simple fact that she competes in a sport dominated by men twice her size. But Erle is incredibly strong herself, clinching solid deadlift, squat, and bench-press Junior World titles. In this session she will reveal to you how she's been able to stay focused for years in a row to finally become the junior World Champion.


45-60 Minutes 

DAY 2 

Optimizing Strength Training: How To Still Make Gains When Life Gets In The Way with Lawrence Judd

Lawrence Judd is operations manager at UK based company Shredded By Science. Lawrence also coaches strength athletes and powerlifters, and coached one client to be the first drug free British strongman to deadlift 400 kg.


45-60 Minutes 

How To Easily Drop a Weight Class, even With a 2 Hour Weigh-in with Owen Hubbard

Owen Hubbard is European & World Junior Champion of 2015 and senior world record holder in the bench press. He studies nutrition at Bournemouth University and in this session he will show you how to easily drop a weight-class, even if you only have 2 hours to weigh-in.


45-60 Minutes 

Secrets To Finding Out What Muscle Groups Are Limiting Your Strength And How To Address Them with Dr. Mike Israetel

With an impressive list of academia accomplishments—including a Ph.D. in sport physiology—Mike Isratel is also a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder, and BJJ grappler.

He’s been the coach for a number of powerlifters, weightlifters, and bodybuilders, where his focus is diet and weight training.

Mike is currently a professor of exercise science at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the head science consultant at Renaissance Periodization.


45-60 Minutes 

DAY 3 

Important Principles of Individual Difference with Chad Wesley Smith

Chad Wesley Smith is the founder of Juggernaut Training Systems. and has an many impressive achievements like owning Top 10 Raw Totals of All-Time in Wraps (1055kg) and Sleeves (1010kg).

Chad is also one of the most sought after coaches in the World in Powerlifting, helping develop lifters including Marisa Inda, Tee Popoola, Brandon Allen, Andy Huang, Kevin Torres, Jake Johns and more.


45-60 Minutes 

The Champion Mindset: Competitive Strategies to Dominate on Game Day with Matt Gary

Matt Gary is the founder of Supreme Sports Performance & Training (SSPT). He’s been a competitive powerlifter for over two decades and has coached at the highest levels including the 2009 World Games. Elite lifters under Matt’s tutelage have included Dennis Cornelius, Sioux-z Hartwig-Gary, Bryce Lewis, Mike Tuchscherer, and Ray Williams.

In 2012, he was named USA Powerlifting Coach of the Year. Currently, he is the USAPL Coaching Chairman and Director of Coaching Certification. He shares strategies for creating a Champion Mindset to dominate on game day.


45-60 Minutes 

The Honest, No "Bull Crap" Truth About Getting Stronger with Dan John

Dan John has coached for more than 30 years. He's helped hundreds of athletes pack on double-digit pounds of rock-solid muscle. As an athlete, John broke the American record in the Weight Pentathlon. He is the author of several books, including Easy Strength.


45-60 Minutes 

DAY 4 

How To Adjust Training Days And Training Microcycles, And How They Can Affect Your Psychology with Bryce Lewis

Bryce is the founder of The Strength Athlete (TSA), an online coaching company for powerlifting. TSA works with both novices and professionals alike, focusing on a balanced diet, injury-free training, and affective regulation.

With records in both the USA Powerlifting Federation and American Powerlifting Association, Bryce now focuses on helping other athletes achieve success in the sport.


45-60 Minutes 

How To Succesfully Plan Your Mesocycle with Mike Tuchscherer

Mike is founder of Reactive Training Systems (RTS) and won gold at the 2009 World Games... Winning 8 national championships, and 3 IPF world records, to name just a few accomplishments.


45-60 Minutes 

Auto Regulation 2.0 with Martijn Koevoets

Martijn is founder of Powerlifting University, Powerlifter, Best Selling Author, Blogger, Online Coach & Extreme Metal Aficionado and he loves a good whiskey. He has been featured by EliteFTS, Strengtheory, Juggernaut Training Systems and many more.


45-60 Minutes 


Buttwink: When is it a problem and when isn't it? with Aaron Horschig

Dr. Aaron Horschig is a physical therapist, strength & conditioning coach, speaker and writer. He is the founder of

After graduating with his bachelors in exercise science from Truman State University in 2009, he then went on to receive a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Missouri in 2012.

His goal is to provide the highest quality rehabilitation to athletes who have sustained an injury.


45-60 Minutes 

Key Strategies for GPP To Improve Your Total Fast with Matt Wenning

With three world records, a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, a master’s degree in sport biomechanics, and more than 10,000 hours of experience working with Division 1-A athletes, including NFL players and Olympic competitors.

Suffice to say that Matt Wenning has the brawn and brains to churn out athletes who excel at what they do.


45-60 Minutes 

Programming and Autoregulating Within an Integrated Periodization Model: A Comprehensive Guide to Programming with Dr. Mike Zourdos

Programming and Autoregulating Within an Integrated Periodization Model: A Comprehensive Guide to Programming with Dr. Mike Zourdos

Mike is an Assistant Professor in Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University with a specialization in strength and conditioning and skeletal muscle physiology.

Mike’s research focuses on optimizing periodization and program design methods, along with improving training efficiency, and examining skeletal muscle adaptations to exercise.

Further, Mike served as the Head Powerlifting Coach of FSU’s 2011 and 2012 state championship teams and currently serves as FAU’s Head Coach.

ant Professor in Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University with a specialization in strength and conditioning and skeletal muscle physiology.

Mike’s research focuses on optimizing periodization and program design methods, along with improving training efficiency, and examining skeletal muscle adaptations to exercise.

Further, Mike served as the Head Powerlifting Coach of FSU’s 2011 and 2012 state championship teams and currently serves as FAU’s Head Coach.


45-60 Minutes 

What to do when your program isn't working with Dennis Cieri

Dennis Cieri holds the IPF Open World Bench Press Record in the 93 kilo (205lbs) weight class with 233kg (514lbs) at 48 years young. Which is his 26th World Record.

He is undefeated in Raw Bench Press for 30 consecutive years, and the heaviest man in the IPF to bench press 2.5 Xs his body weight. He has been drug tested close to 100 times over the past 30 years.


15-20 Minutes 

DAY 6 

A Real Life Insight On How To Overcome Major Injuries with Layne Norton

Layne Norton has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and is a bodybuilder "gone rogue". In powerlifting he set a IPF 93 kg class World Record Squat 303 kg (668 lbs). Layne has been dealing with a nasty hip injury in the past and he'll give you detail insights on how he recovered from this.


45-60 Minutes 

How To Increase Your Total by xx lbs. with Marisa Inda

Marisa is a personal trainer from Southern California. She is a former gymnast has been training for over 20 years, but started focusing on powerlifting since a few years back and has become a real contender in the 52kg / #114 class.

Marisa has set American and World records, and is currently holding a world record deadlift in the -52kg/114# class. She is also a mom of 2.


45-60 Minutes 

How, Why and When to Incorporate Hypertrophy Work to Ensure Maximum Strength & Muscle with Greg Nuckols

Greg Nuckols — three-time world record holder in powerlifting in the 220 and 242 classes — has a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sports science as well as more than a decade of experience under his belt.

His editorial reach is far and wide in the fitness industry, with bylines in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, and many more.

He’s trained hundreds of people, including athletes, and helped them reach their fitness goals.


45-60 Minutes 

Key Success Factors In Your Diet When Life Gets In The Way with Jonny Watson & Yussef Smith

Jonny & Yusef are the coaches at PropaneFitness: between them they are IPF national & worlds competitors, medic, gymnast and accountant.

They distill 'simple rules for dramatic results', helping powerlifters and general population get stronger, bigger and leaner with none of the fuss.


45-60 Minutes 

DAY 7 

Mindset & Motivation with Kimberly Walford

Kimberly Walford is a living legend in powerlifting. She is the 4x IPF Raw World Champion, has the best deadlift of all-time by Wilks of 242.5kg/535# at 68kg/151# bodyweight in the 72kg class, as well as World Record total in the 72kg class.


45-60 Minutes 

Secrets of Increasing Your Bench-press But Not Your Weight with Jennifer Thompson

Jennifer is a High school teacher from North Carolina. After she found out she was benching the American Record at the time in training, she decided to do her first official meet in 1999.

Since then she set 38 WORLD records and still holds 7 of those. Jennifer currently competes in the 138.75 lbs. weight class and before that in the 132 lbs. class, which no longer exists. She’s a true bench monster, she recently benched 325 lbs!


45-60 Minutes 

The "Insider Secrets" To Get The Biggest Squat of All Time with Ray Williams

Ray William’s accomplishments in the sport of powerlifting are many, including being a three time SHW World Champion in the Open division, and the current holder of the American and World Records in the squat, deadlift, and combined total.

He may be most recognized for being the first person to break the 1,000-pound threshold in competition at an IPF raw standard even, where with no suit and no knee wraps.


45-60 Minutes 

How To Know How Much Volume You Can Do And Still Recover with Avi Silverberg

Avi has a MSc in Exercise Science with a resume that includes being the Head Coach of Team Canada Powerlifting for the past 5-years. Avi is also one of the creators of MyStrengthBook, a platform for powerlifters to build workouts and plan training programs by analyzing metrics that lead to better performance.

Your ability to recover is determined by the amount and type of volume accumulated, as well as your distribution of volume throughout the training cycle. By the end of this session athletes will know how to use training data to determine their most optimal volume prescriptions.


45-60 Minutes 

DAY 8 

How to Teach the Big Three: Guidance for Coaches Who Train Novice Athletes with Boris Sheiko

Boris Sheiko is the head coach of the Russian powerlifting team from 1999 to 2005. His team was undefeated in international competition. His athletes won 7 European and world championships, and every athlete achieved nothing less than a bronze medal.

During his career he devleoped 9 IPF world champions and collected 40 gold medals.

Boris Sheiko is the only person in Russia who is a Professor of Powerlifting, he published over 150 articles, and 15 books on powerlifting.


45-60 Minutes 


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Martijn Koevoets

Founder of Powerlifting University, Powerlifter, Author, Blogger, Online Coach & Extreme Metal Aficionado. Loves a good whiskey.

Hi. I’m Martijn,

I’m the head honcho of Powerlifting University, powerlifter, powerlifting coach and best-selling author. I help people just like you get stronger and jacked so they can stop wishing and start doing. I’ve been featured by EliteFTS, Strengtheory, Juggernaut Training Systems and many more.

My mission is to show you what REALLY works to make you lift more weight and grow more muscle, wherever you’re at now.

No guesswork, no bro science, no complicated strategies that take a PhD in to understand...

Just real straight from the trenches methods, right out of the mouths of world-class experts who are doing this every day. And attending the Online Powerlifting Summit is a great step forward, no matter how strong and big you are right now — even if you’re just starting out and never have set foot on the platform. Trust me, I’ve been there!

Nothing gets me more fired up than helping fellow athletes break personal records, bust through plateaus and boost their strength.

I’m bringing that same passion to the Online Powerlifting Summit, the #1 online conference when it comes to strength training. I’ve assembled a superhero roster of top athletes and coaches to teach you everything you need to know about putting more pounds on your total and grow more muscle.​

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the way.​



Who will teach you how to gain more strength, grow more muscle & put more pounds on
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